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Becoming a Successful Author Can Be Quite Worthwhile

If you are planning on being a financially successful writer, then you must write and publish prolifically. That is rarely not true. There is an infinite number of topics to potentially write about.

You can write fiction or non fiction. It does not matter when you write. However, it is best to write things that are meaningful, useful, helpful, interesting and/or entertaining.

Writing between 1,000 and 6,000 words per day is a good way to create a sufficient amount of written content to be considered a prolific writer. It is important to write about topics that matter and that are important. Writing can be a way to create a positive impact on Earth and humanity.

Writing can potentially be a social entrepreneurial venture. Social entrepreneurship is when one does business in a way to earn money and profit while also create net a sustainable social good for humanity. Just start writing if you want to be a successful author and writer. Self publishing can be one route to go.

Building a platform takes time. Investing the time, energy and resources that it can take to become a successful author can be quite worthwhile. Hopefully more individuals can become financially successful authors.

There is a great deal of poverty on Earth. Perhaps some percentage of the millions in poverty can become successful self published authors. The Internet can be a means of earning money from self publishing and it can be a potent creator of abundance and prosperity.

It is amazing that humans have evolved to be able to figure out how to read and write at all! Voice dictation software exists for those who are not huge fans of typing and would rather create written content in other ways. There are many complete books on how to be a successful writer and author.

Becoming a successful author can require dedication, patience, persistence and creativity. Taking the time and exerting the effort required to become a successful author that helps others through writing can be quite worthwhile and it will be good of more humans on this Earth will do so.