IdeaRiff Research is a platform for mutually beneficial affiliations. IdeaRiff Research is a project hat is meant explore ideas related to futurism, technology, automation, regenerative medicine, longevity, well-being, and more.

IdeaRiff Research is affiliated with Tenqido, Tenoorja Musubi, and Do Nothing Media.

Do Nothing Does is published in association with Do Nothing Media. This website is a social entrepreneurial venture. It aims to turn a profit while providing a social good. Do Nothing Does publishes content related to futurism, social justice, activism, human rights, health and wellness and more. 

Tenqido and Tenoorja Musubi are projects that have similar goals to IdeaRiff Research and Do Nothing Media.

The social goals that this site embraces are attempting to includes helping to defeat aging, outlawing psychiatric oppression and achieving off Earth colonization. There are other worthwhile causes. However, these are the causes that this social entrepreneurial venture is about.

There are not for profit organizations attempting to defeat aging (SENS Research Foundation); there is a similar for-profit venture (Human Longevity Incorporated). There are organizations attempting to help stop psychiatric oppression like Mad In America, Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights and Mind Freedom International, to name a few. There are various organizations attempting to make off Earth colonization a reality or at least a possibility like the space agencies of Earth and SpaceX, to name just a small sample. Do Nothing Does is an attempt to help accelerate these worthwhile causes while also providing valuable information to all humans on these topics and other topics aforementioned.

High quality guest posts are currently being considered for acceptance. Compensated submissions may be actively sought in the future as well.

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