Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery

Psychiatric slavery should be banned outlawed. Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz believed that civil commitment and the insanity defense form the foundation of psychiatric slavery. Civil commitment and the insanity defense should therefore be banned and made illegal. Psychiatric slavery is when people earn money from psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement. Suicide is effectively illegal since people can be effectively jailed for trying to engage in it, or indicating that they will engage in it. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for adults. We should use persuasion, reason, and kindness to reduce suicides. We should not use psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement to reduce suicides. It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero. Death control should legal. Utilizing birth control is to affect when one creates life. Utilizing or not utilizing death control relates to how one ends one’s own life. Read the book Suicide Prohibition: The Shame of Medicine by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Read his book Psychiatric Slavery, which analyzes a Supreme Court case related to civil commitment.