Psychiatric Drugs and Violence

It is indeed important to examine the correlation between psychiatric drugs and violence.

Psychiatric drugs don’t cause violence. To state that psychiatric drugs make someone be violent is like believing in demon possession.

According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, there are no causes of crimes, there are only reasons for crimes.

People can have reasons for not engaging in crimes/violence. People can have reasons for engaging in crimes/violence.

The biological psychiatry paradigm communicates explicit and implicit messages to reciever of psychiatric services. Perhaps these implicit and explicit messages increase reasons for people wanting to engage in illegal violence, and/or decrease reasons for not being willing to engage in illegal violence.

There appears to definitely be a correlation between psychiatric drugs and violence.

Implicit messages of biological psychiatry can include ideas like lack of responsibility. You are not responsible for regulating you’re emotions, drugs are. We can exert a decent amount of control over our emotions by changing our thinking and behaviors.

Psychiatric lies, psychiatric dogma, and psychiatric propaganda are damaging our society. The damage will continue until enough people realize Truth about psychiatry, and are able to view clearly and understand the problem fully.

Only consensual psychiatry should be legal. The insanity defense should be outlawed. Check out books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz if you want to learn more.