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The Value of Writing Nonfiction

There can be a great deal of value in nonfiction writing. Fiction can be enjoyable to read and writing. Nonfiction, especially creative nonfiction can be enjoyable to read and write as well. Both fiction and nonfiction can be used as a medium to communicate important, useful, interesting and/or entertaining messages.

Nonfiction writing can be important and significant to both the author and the reader. The author can financially benefit. The author can achieve satisfaction of putting thoughts and ideas into written form. The author can derive satisfaction from communication a valuable message to an audience.

Readers can benefit in many ways from nonfiction writing. It can be enjoyable to read and it can also be a way to learn about new ideas. There is truly an infinite number of fictional and nonfictional ideas that can be communicated through writing.

Nonfiction can be used in destructive ways. If a book or article promotes violence or anything that is authentically antithetical to authentic peace, then the writing can potentially promote destruction and chaos. Ultimately though, no book should be banned.

Helping to create more authentic peace and prosperity on Earth is perhaps the highest potential goal of writing. Writing can help to manifest and create more authentic peace and prosperity on Earth for readers, authors and even those who are not directly exposed to an authentically valuable nonfiction work of writing.

Not everyone on Earth needs to be producing written works. However, all humans might benefit if more humans will attempt to produce authentically valuable fiction and nonfiction works of writing. Some written works become famous and are valued and found to be useful hundreds, if not thousands, of years after they are produced. How is that for a type of achievable life after death on Earth?

Writing is a human invention. It helps to differentiate us from other animals on Earth. Writing has helped to maintain knowledge that can be further developed, researched, discovered and refined in future times. Nonfiction writing can truly be a priceless tool for improving the life situations for all humans on Earth.