Sanists Medicalize Suicide

Sanists medicalize suicide. Sanists justify, using sanism, the state sanctioned use of psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement on law abiding individuals. Sanism is not much better than racism.

Sanists support psychiatric slavery (earning money from psychiatric coercion). Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for all adults when it is done in private.

Sanists support the continued utilization of nonconsensual psychiatry on law abiding citizens. Sanists operated under the assumption that anything that could happen after death, is objectively worse for an individual who is alive and wants to leave Earth for their own personal reasons. This is implicitly a theological belief, and if we want to live in an authentically secular society, then suicide must be respected as a civil and human right for all adults.

It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero using persuasion, reason, and kindness.