Large Buildings

Housing Cooperatives to Reduce Involuntary Houselessness

Large BuildingsCould housing co-ops be a way for homelessness and houselessness to be reduced? Housing co-operatives could help to eradicate houselessness and homelessness, potentially.

With seven billion humans on Earth, medium and high density housing is arguably necessary until off Earth colonization happens. Condominiums housing co-ops could be built utilizing economies of scale.

Projects like Habitat For Humanity have future home-owners help to build housing to reduce costs of building housing. There are multiple novel economic mechanisms that could help housing co-ops to thrive.

Sound proofing technologies can enable humans to live near one another more harmoniously. Privacy can be quite wonderful. Peaceful adults should enjoy a right to be left alone, if they want to be left alone. Housing co-ops that have separate units for each individual or family can help humans to enjoy peace, quiet, privacy, and prosperity, potentially.

We should do what is possible to help stop involuntary houselessness and involuntary homelessness. Perhaps universal basic income can be utilized to fund housing co-ops.

How do housing co-ops differ from private housing development? What are advantages and disadvantages to housing co-op economic models? How might decentralized autonomous organizations be utilized to organize and coordinate the development of housing co-ops?