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How to Start a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

This is about how to create a decentralized autonomous organization. Decentralized autonomous organizations are an emerging form of social construct that are now enabled through the developments of cryptocurrencies and Internet technologies. Mobile smart phone devices are increasingly connecting all humans on Earth.

First, see if a DAO inline with your definite purposes and desires has already been created. If a DAO exists that is inline with your goals and desires, then join it, contribute to it, and learn about it. However if no DAO exists that sufficiently is inline with your goals, then you may need to create one.

To start a DAO, claim to create a DAO that is in inline with your goals and chief desires. To start a DAO, propose a DAO. To start a DAO, pick a name for a DAO. To start a DAO, start to establish an Internet presence for the DAO. Create areas where people can collaborate. Use Reddit, Steemit, Facebook, Twitter, Github, and so forth. Create a sub-Reddit for your DAO. Create a Facebook page for your DAO. Create a Github organization for your DAO. Create a Twitter account for this DAO you want to create. Create a website for this DAO.

DAO’s can sit idle. That is OK. Anyone able can contribute to a DAO. To have a functioning DAO, it first must be created. It also must be maintained. It must have its mission and purpose projected and propelled forward.

Decentralized autonomous organizations have the potential to transform society in significant ways. Decentralized autonomous organizations can be started and/or maintained by anyone at anytime. Feel free to participate in any DAO’s that match up with your desires and goals. Start a DAO. Be part of decentralized autonomous organizations.