Sometimes when I’m only seeing with spiritual vision and hearing with spiritual hearing, then i do experience the ACIM Truth that we are in Heaven now.

As i understand it, we can harmonize the spiritual and the physical.

So if you are camping in a forest under the stars and having a Heavenly time of nonstop bliss then you have effectively merged the spiritual and the physical and you are effectively in Heaven. Now you could go back to a job you hate monday and youve effectively put yourself back in to a place that does not actually exist on the spiritual level even though it feels quite real. You may use different language to describe this or interpret ACIM differently. That is OK.

We can dispel illusions on a physical level and that helps to harmonize Earth and this universe to a more spiritual state.

Someone at an ACIM group told me that really ALL instants are really Holy instances on a spiritual level. This resonated with me.

Im totally cool with us interpreting ACIM differently.

I want to be both right and happy. If Lesson 95 is Truth then i can be both right and happy, and you can too.

A universal theology is impossible. A universal experience (of limitless Peace and Heavenly bliss and elation?) is possible and necessary.